The Buzz Honeypot Wasp Trap with Bait

EAN: 5036200123688 | MPN: STV368


Trap and kill nuisance wasps with the colourful Buzz Honeypot Wasp Trap with Bait.



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Wasps will love The Buzz Honeypot Wasp Trap with Bait.   

This lightweight trap will look great in any setting, available in a choice of attractive colours.

This honeypot trap looks like it is made of classic coloured glass, but is in fact made of safe strong ABS plastic, making it easy to carry to the right location.

A simple metal hanger is attached on the top of the honeypot, making it suitable to be hung up where you need it. But if you prefer placing it on a surface, there are three integrated moulded feet to support it.

To use, simply unscrew and remove the base of the Honeypot Wasp Trap and mix the enclosed sachet with 200ml water.  Pour the mix into the well of the base and screw it back together.  For best results, position in a sunny location and keep out of the wind.

To avoid stings, check all wasps are dispatched before disposal.

Empty, clean and use again all summer long.

Main features:

  • Classic Honeypot shape trap
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Wasp attractant included
  • Clever design makes it easy to refresh the bait attractant
  • Refill with The Buzz Honeypot Wasp Trap Bait Refill
  • Poison free insect control
  • Weatherproof safe long-lasting strong ABS plastic
  • 6 different attractive colours to choose from
  • Free standing or can be hung up and displayed
  • Requires 24 hours activation
  • Size (approx cm): 20 (h) x 14 (w)
  • Recommended for outdoor use