The Buzz Fly Catcher (Twin Pack)

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Effective fly deterrent The Buzz Fly Catcher lures, catches and kills most nuisance flies and prevents them getting into your home.

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Use The Buzz Fly Catcher to catch and trap nuisance flies.

Keep flies out of your home with this twin pack of  Fly Catchers which come with soluble fly bait included.

Easy to set up, simply open and pour the included sachet into each trap and add 300ml of water.

Activation takes at least 24 hours, so prepare them before needed.

Hang or stand them in your garden in a part that receives the most sunlight and least wind.

Keep away from children.


  • 2 x Fly Catchers with fly bait included
  • Kills flies
  • Reusable with The Buzz Fly Bait Refills
  • Lures flies up to a 10 metre radius
  • Suitable for hanging in the garden or position on a flat surface away from children and animals.
  • Requires 24 hours activation
  • Lasts 2-3 weeks
  • No poison required
  • Dead flies can be buried in your garden or disposed of in household waste
  • Outdoor use only