The Buzz Citronella Garden Flare – 1m

EAN: 5036200124357 | MPN: STV435


The Buzz Citronella Garden Flare is an impressive insect repellent and colourful light feature for your garden.

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The stunning Buzz Citronella Garden Flare repels insects, adds colour and when lit provides dramatic light in your garden.

With a variety of different coloured flares to choose from, these citronella flares have a wind resistant wick with an eight hour burn time.

Place this bright decorative jumbo candle firmly in shrub borders or in the ground using the bamboo cane support. If using more than one flare, place at a safe distance from each other and keep them away from flammable items and plants.

This flare can be harmful and may cause skin reactions. Keep away from children, animals and aquatic life.

Main features:

  • Effective insect repellent
  • Wind resistant wick
  • Citronella flare
  • Made with natural citronella oil
  • Bamboo cane support
  • Different colour flares available
  • 8 hours burning time
  • Outdoor use only
  • Size: 1m long