The Big Cheese Ultra Power All-Weather Bait Station

EAN: 5014009181757 | MPN: STV175


Just like the Professionals use, this strong metal housing will help you to catch and kill problem rodents.

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The Big Cheese Ultra Power All-Weather Bait Station is a heavy duty, secure, tamper resistant strong housing to catch, trap and kill problem rodents.

This bait station is suitable to be used anywhere and suitable for different types of bait, and is recommended for use with All-Weather Block Bait refills.

To prevent the station box from moving, stakes are provided for you to fit it to the ground. Alternatively, place a weight on the box.


  • Use for baiting and killing unwanted mice and rats
  • Part of the Bait & Kill range
  • Heavy duty and lockable metal station box
  • Ready baited and reusable
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use


  • 1 x Ultra Power All-Weather Bait Station
  • 2 x ground stakes
  • 1 x allen key
  • 1 x bait rod (for use with wax blocks)

Additional info

  • Please read instructions before use
  • Keep away from children, pets and non-target animals
  • Always wear protective gloves when handling