The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Killer² Chew Thru Sachets (Pack of Six)

Prepacked Chew Thru Bait Sachets that are ready to be used in rat and mouse stations.


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EAN: 5036200122445 | MPN: STV244

Use this 6-pack of Rat & Mouse Killer² Chew Thru Sachets to set rat and mouse stations safely without handling bait.

Each sachet contains tasty, natural grain bait and is made from a revised, special formula that uses 50% less poison.

The Big Cheese grain bait sachets work using edible outer packaging and can be placed inside bait stations.


  • Contains: 6 x 25g bait sachets
  • No need to touch bait
  • Uses 50% less poison
  • Add to bait stations
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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  • Please read the product label and instructions before using this product
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