The Big Cheese Mouse Glue Traps (Pack of Two)

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Last resort to control mice infestations. Mice stick to the traps and can not escape.

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The Big Cheese Mouse Glue Traps are very effective at catching and killing mice as a last resort solution to control infestations.

Always try other trap methods first, but if you are experiencing repeat infestations, these glue traps will help snare mice quickly, as they will stick to the Glue Traps. Follow simple set up instructions and place trap along walls or skirting boards at 2-3 metre intervals.

Other benefits include prevention of disease carrying matter being spread. Rodent hairs, urine, faeces and ectoparasites (fleas and lice) will stick to the Glue Traps.


  • Use as a last resort for dealing with mice
  • Part of the Ultra Power Catch & Kill range
  • Poison Free
  • Suitable for Domestic and Commercial premises


  • 2 x glue traps

Additional info

  • Please be aware that this product will require you to destroy trapped mice after capture
  • Avoid placing traps in areas accessible by children, pets and non-target animals
  • In the event of accidental contact, remove with vegetable oil, followed by washing with mild detergent and warm water