STIHL SHE 71 Electric Blower & Shredder Vacuum

Multi-functional hand held blower and vacuum, shreds and gathers leaves in an easy to manage zip bag.


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The STIHL SHE 71 Electric Blower & Shredder Vacuum is a powerful corded leaf gatherer with blower, shredder vacuum and 45 litre collection bag.

It’s the perfect tool for collecting leaves on a patio, driveway or garden lawn. The SHE 71 comes with a blower, vacuum tubes and a handy collection bag to store gathered leaves.

Powered by mains electricity ensures consistent and continuous performance. Simply, plug it in and use the blower to organise leaves into manageable piles and then vacuum them up to be shredded into the collection bag.

A cable strain relief allows you to move freely around the garden without the risk of putting too much tension on the cable.

It’s easy to change between the blower or vacuum shredder. Simply twist and remove the blowing tube and add the collection bag. To empty the collection bag, just unzip and pour into a garden waste bin or use in a mulch pile.

It produces low noise levels and is comfortable to use with low vibration levels too.


  • Suitable for small to medium sized gardens
  • Powerful leaf vacuum with bag & blower attachments included
  • Integrated cable strain relief prevents the power cable from becoming accidentally disconnected
  • Shreds dry leaves ready for disposal (waste bin or mulch pile)
  • Picks up garden debris quickly and from narrow spaces around the garden
  • 45 litre textile catcher bag unzips to release gathered leaves
  • With 10 metre electric cable


  • 230-240 Rated voltage
  • 1.1kW Power output
  • 85 dB (A) Sound pressure level
  • 100 dB (A) Sound power level
  • 320 cf/min Air flow rate


  • 4.1kg

Additional info

  • Always read the instructions manual before use
  • A gutter cleaning kit accessory can also be used with this blower vacuum
  • Wear the correct personal protective equipment (snug fitting clothing, goggles, gloves & sturdy footwear)
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