Stihl Round and Quiet Mowing Line
Stihl Round and Quiet Mowing Line
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Stihl Round and Quiet Mowing Line


Round spool of genuine Stihl Round & Quiet Mowing Line for grass trimmers & brush cutters.

Stihl Round and Quiet Mowing Line is replacement mowing line on a round spool for Stihl grass trimmers or brush cutters.

Mowing line can be used to replace broken or used trimming line and is available in a choice of sizes and colours (subject to availability).

Spiral grooves help the mowing lines to reduce wind noise considerably, making the line quiet to operate.

Stihl mowing line is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water to make it more flexible and last longer. For best results, Stihl recommend soaking this line in water before use.

To use, simply cut line from the handy spool to your requirements.


  • Hygroscopic mowing line (absorbs moisture to make it last longer)
  • Suitable for Stihl FSA 45 & FSA 57 Trimmers
  • Handy round spool for easy storage

Spool options

  • 1.6mm diameter x 19m in blue
  • 2.0mm diameter x 14m in green
  • 2.0mm diameter x 60m in green
  • 2.4mm diameter x 14m in orange
  • 2.4mm diameter x 253m in orange
  • 2.7mm diameter x 9m in red
  • 2.7mm diameter x 65m in red
  • 2.7mm diameter x 208m in red


  • Leave new mowing line in water for 24 hours before use to increase flexibility and the lifespan of mowing line