Stewart Garden Premium Electric Propagator with Thermostatic Temperature Control (52cm)

EAN: 5022938598058 | MPN: 239033


Give your young plants and seedlings a helping hand with this thermostatic temperature controlled propagator.

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Easy to use, the Stewart Garden Premium Electric Propagator with Thermostatic Temperature Control helps to stimulate the germination of plants by gently warming the compost. Grow flowers, plants, herbs and vegetables in controlled conditions for the best results.

Perfect for extending the growing season when used indoors and during warmer weather. The thermostatically controlled propagator provides the perfect environment to help your seedlings flourish and maintains an ideal growing temperature between 18°C – 23°C. All together this is the perfect solution for those who want to fine-tune their growing habitat.

Included in the pack is a starter kit containing trays and pots as well as a growing guide. The crystal clear cover allows plenty of light in to help your seedlings thrive whilst the adjustable ventilation permits you to easily aerate the propagator without disturbing any of the plants.

Product details

  • Dimensions: (L) 52cm x (W) 42cm x (H) 28cm
  • Compact plant raising unit
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Includes growing guide and starter kit of trays and pots
  • Ideal for seeds & cuttings
  • Sealed heating unit which maintains temperature between 18°C – 23°C
  • Impact resistant crystal clear cover
  • Indoor use
  • Easily moved and stored
  • Long lasting
  • Electrical power point required