Statuesque Canvas Print by Steve Hunziker

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A wrapped and framed print of Steve Hunziker’s great blue heron which emanates elegance and stature.

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Make a statement with this amazing canvas of Statuesque by Steve Hunziker which features an elegant and patiently poised blue heron. This unglazed and framed canvas print comes ready to hang on your wall, all you need is something to hang it from.

Steve Hunziker’s great blue heron is symbol of stillness and tranquility, is indeed just like a statue. Motionless, elegant, patiently poised, its dagger-like bill and brilliant plumage are as vividly coloured as the waterside flora. A truly stunning framed canvas with rich tones throughout the print and a thin gold frame being visible from the front view and black around the edges.

Known for creating stunning pieces of art, often of birds, that express his love of wildlife and nature. He’s created several interpretations of the Great Blue Heron, nestling in exotic botanical flora. His art is beautifully coloured and his paintings are full of detailed patterns within patterns which create an almost tangible sense of texture.

Product details

  • Wrapped & framed canvas
  • Frame colour: black around the sides with a gold front
  • Artist: Steve Hunziker
  • Dimensions: (W) 61.5cm, (H) 81.5cm, (D) 3.5cm
  • Small gap between the frame and canvas
  • Frame width: 0.5cm