Spear & Jackson Select Stainless Bulb Planter

EAN: 5012095074373 | MPN: 3060EL


A strong stainless steel Bulb Planter suitable for most garden bulbs.

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The Spear & Jackson Select Stainless Bulb Planter will help you to remove soil, plant bulbs and replace soil with ease.

A great solution for uniform planting or if you have lots of bulbs to plant. This Bulb Planter will help you to plant fast with very little effort or mess.

The circular sharp edge cuts into the ground with ease and cuts approximately 6cm³, whilst the side gauge allows for a depth of up to 10cm (4″).

Suitable for both left and right handed use and easy to use. Simply, press the spring loaded adjustable red handle and insert into the ground or compost, hold, then remove the soil. Plant your bulb in the hole and then release the soil back over the bulb and you are ready to plant another. Using this tool will minimise soil adhesion and keep planting areas tidy.

A really useful hand tool for planting bulbs in planters, pots or flowerbeds. This lightweight tool is strong and built to last, so you can enjoy using it again and again.

Main features:

  • Universal bulb planter (for left or right handed)
  • Quick & easy release of soil when planting bulbs
  • Side measure gauge indicators from 2cm to 10cm (1″ to 4″)
  • Creates hole size: 6cm³
  • Ideal for uniform planting patterns
  • Stainless steel body: resistant to rust & minimal soil adhesion
  • Sharp blades to cut into soil
  • Spring loaded red adjustable handle with grips
  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Suitable for outdoor use