Skinner’s Field & Trial Maintenance

A nutritionally complete kibble food for any working dog with light to moderate activity levels.


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Skinner’s Field & Trial Maintenance is a nutritionally complete kibble for working dogs.

An ideal balanced feed to support working dogs with light to moderate daily activity.  This kibble has many other uses including support for dogs with reduced work levels, preventing weight gain in dogs that are prone to weight retention and feed for resting dogs or recovering out of season.

A favourite with breeders, this complete, all-round feed will support and maintain the health and well being of working and active breeds of dog.

Maintenance has a mix of ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of working dogs, with a combination of whole wheat, maize, chicken meat meal and barley to name but a few.

This complete kibbled formula helps to maintain healthy teeth, bones, a strong immune system, joints, stamina, muscles and a healthy coat.

Specially formulated, this kibble comes in a highly digestible format and can be served dry or moistened with a small amount of water. We recommend following feed guidelines printed on the bag, because nutritional requirements may vary depending on your dog’s activity level, age, breed and gender.

All Skinner’s Pet Food is made at their family run mill in Suffolk and uses locally sourced ingredients where possible.  There are more foods available in the Skinner’s Pet Food range to suit the lifestyle and lifetime of your dog.


  • Nutritionally complete feed to maintain working dogs
  • 15kg bag of kibble with chicken meat meal
  • Includes all key nutrients for ongoing health & well being
  • Crude Protein 18% & Crude Oil & Fats 11%
  • British made at Skinner’s Suffolk family run mill
  • Suitable for all working breeds with light to moderate activity levels
  • Ingredients: Whole wheat, maize, chicken meat meal, barley, chicken fat, beet pulp, vitamins, minerals & trace elements

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  • VAT free working dog food
  • Store in a cool, dry & secure place
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