Sinclair Professional Garden Lime (25kg)

EAN: 5000363282360 | MPN: FYHM136J


Ideal for breaking down heavy clay soils to improve drainage and promote strong root growth.

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Sinclair Professional Garden Lime is a soil conditioner which reduces soil acidity and improves growing conditions for plants and shrubs.

Garden Lime makes soils less acidic, enabling plants to take up the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. If soils become too acidic nutrients get locked away, plants can suffer deficiencies and feeding becomes less effective. Garden Lime is also a valuable source of calcium. Fast nutrient uptake Reduces soil acidity Healthier, bountiful crops Greener foliage and abundant flowering Helps break down heavy soils.

Can be applied throughout the year, but for best results use in autumn before first frosts. For normal soils, use every third year. Highly acidic soil may need an annual application.


  • Adds calcium and magnesium to the soil
  • Reduces soil acidity
  • Pack size: 25kg
  • Improves drainage of clay soils
  • Easy to use powder
  • Promotes strong root growth
  • Encourages a wider range of planting

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