Satchville Brown Fabric Gonk

Complete your home décor with the Satchville Brown Fabric Gonk.


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This simple but sweet Satchville Brown Fabric Gonk is a Scandi-inspired decoration said to bring good luck to your home. The original folklore says that these curious little creatures have a preference for barns and houses during the cold seasons. If families treated them well, it was told that they would protect the family and bring them good luck.

However, if the family did not treat them well and respect the creatures, they were said to play tricks on the family. The underlying message is to be welcoming and hospitable. Add to a display on the kitchen island, living room or bedrooms alongside mini pumpkins, autumn leaves and woodland creatures.

Product details

  • Height: 22cm
  • Colour: brown & grey
  • Decoration: tall, pointed hat & bushy beard
  • Autumnal themed
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