Rhubarb 'Victoria'
Rhubarb ‘Victoria’
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Rhubarb ‘Victoria’



A popular rhubarb variety with an excellent flavour, ideal for preserves and pies.

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Rhubarb ‘Victoria’ has a delightfully sweet flavour and is a popular garden variety.

With broad, red stems, ‘Victoria’ produces a good sized crop that is excellent for making pies and preserves.

Rhubarb grows best in well drained, fertile soil and in a sunny location. Prior to planting mix in a layer of organic matter, such as farmyard manure, to aide healthy plant growth and improve your yield.

Plant rhubarb to the depth of the soil mark on the plant, firm in and water the base thoroughly.

Ideally, do not harvest in the first year as this will allow time for the rhubarb to fully establish, become stronger and provide better yields in years to come. Typically, rhubarb can provide a crop for up to 10 years.

For an earlier, sweeter tasting crop, you can ‘force’ rhubarb. Forcing speeds up growth and provides a crop before it would normally be ready. You can do this by placing a terracotta rhubarb forcer pot over the plant and you will have a tender stem crop in around 5 to 6 weeks.

To harvest rhubarb, wait until the stems are red or green and simply pull and twist the stems from the base of the plant. Stems which are 30cm to 60cm (1ft to 2ft) in length are a good size.


  • Contains: 1 Rhubarb crown in a 3 litre pot
  • Harvest Season: February when forced/April to June when grown outside
  • Height & Spread: 1m x 1m


  • Never eat rhubarb leaves. They are poisonous and instead should placed on a compost heap