Red Sun Shallot Sets

Red Sun Shallots are some of the best red Shallots on the market.


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Red Sun Shallot Sets are mild in flavour and perfect for salads. They are often regarded as one of the best red skinned varieties due to their good yield, colour and kitchen uses. Cook, pickle or eat them fresh!

  • Contains 12 or 20 Red Sun Shallot Sets
  • One of the best red Shallots
  • Stores well

Planting Guide

Prior to planting, prepare the ground well by removing weeds and digging over the site with a garden fork to break up the soil for ease of planting.

We recommend planting Shallots, such as Red Sun, between March and April into soil 3cm deep and 12cm apart in a line. Leave at least 30cm between lines to allow growing space.

Add a general fertiliser during the growing season and ensure the crop is watered well throughout.

In late Summer or early Autumn, the leaves will turn yellow and die back ready for harvest. First bend the leaves to one side, lift the plant to the surface and allow the Shallots ripen on top. Once dry, remove loose skins and roots and store in a cool, dry place.

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