Raspberry ‘Malling Leo’


The last of the Summer fruiting varieties, producing large, firm, orange-red berries.

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The last of the Summer fruiting varieties, Raspberry ‘Malling Leo’ has large, orange-red berries and a tangy taste.

Malling Leo is great for smaller gardens because of its small yield and good freezing properties.


  • Number of Canes: 5 per 3 litre pot (approximately)
  • Fruit Colour: Orange-red
  • Fruiting Season: Late July to August
  • Height & Spread: 1.5m x 25cm

Raspberry Planting Guide

When planting, raspberries require a sheltered, sunny location with free draining, acidic soil and they should be planted between November and March.

Plant the raspberries 10cm (4″) deep, 45cm (18″) apart in a line, leaving 2m (6ft) between rows. Support during the growing season is recommended and canes should be positioned where necessary and plants secured with twine. Water in well and regularly thereafter and apply a general fertiliser, such as Growmore, in Spring.

Raspberries are best picked when a little firm and in dry weather. Pull each raspberry away carefully away from the main stem, leaving the stalk behind. Eat or freeze as soon as possible.