Phyllostachys aureasulcata spectabilis bamboo


Colourful showy yellow groove bamboo with thick canes makes great cover for a garden to create a tranquil and private area.


Phyllostachys aureasulcata spectabilis is also known as showy yellow groove bamboo.

It’s ideal for screening or creating a private area in the garden. This bamboo produces pinkish new shoots and grows thick yellow canes with green stripes. It can grow up to 8 metres in height and bears thin lance-like leaves.

This large evergreen is an attractive bamboo, which can sometimes remain in clump form if the soil is poor and the climate is cool. However, in a sunny spot and well drained soil this impressive suckering bamboo can spread to provide excellent coverage. If you need to retain the bamboo, simply plant in with some rhizome barrier fabric to prevent it appearing in unwanted spots around the garden.

Garden notes

  • Showy yellow groove bamboo is ideal for garden screening
  • Produces thick yellow canes with green stripes
  • Suitable for decorative use and gardens
  • Position a sheltered spot in full sun or partial shade
  • Prefers moist & well drained soil
  • Fully hardy running bamboo
  • This bamboo can grow to a height & spread of 8m x 4m

Additional info

  • Measurements are approximate
  • This bamboo can spread – ideal for an area requiring coverage

Additional information


10 litre pot, 18 litre pot