Paeonia ‘Pink’ (1 bare root)

Paeonia ‘Pink’ is a prime example of how elegant and beautiful peonies can be with its breathtaking, pale pink blooms.


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Peonies are known for their breathtaking blooms and the Paeonia ‘Pink’ doesn’t disappoint. Blooming from late spring through early summer, this stunning peony produces large, fully double pale pink blooms with a short but sweet flowering period of between 7-10 days.

These stunning peonies are perfect for the middle of a border as beyond their bloom, the peony’s bushy clump of handsome glossy green leaves will last all summer, turning purplish-red or gold during autumn, as stately and dignified as any flowering shrub.

Peonies are a long-term investment for your garden, they may not flower in their first year but be patient as flower production will increase as plants establish with peonies able to live upwards of 50 years.

Peony tubers can be deceptively easy to grow, despite their reputation, provided some simple rules are followed. Peonies do not like being moved so try to find a permanent position with good air circulation and full sun light, never under trees. Plant bare root clumps 10 cm deep and at least 50 cm apart with a sprinkling of Rootgrow at the base of the planting hole. Tubers planted in the ground shouldn’t need watering unless it’s a very dry spring however a balanced slow-release fertiliser should be applied in spring around the base of the plant. We also recommend mulching, away from the crown, with well-rotted compost. It is important to avoid burying the crown otherwise it might stop flowering.

Some peonies may need staking while deadheading can help the plant save energy during its early years.


  • Contains: 1 bare root clump
  • Flower Colour: Pink
  • Planting Period: March to May
  • Position: Full sun
  • Soil type: Moist but well drained, fertile and neutral soil.
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Plant height: 90 cm
  • Plant spread: 50-100 cm

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