Orchard Toys Crocodile Snap Mini Game

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A game of quick reactions with colourful animal characters. Players must keep an eye out for the matching pairs and beat the others to shout it out.

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Orchard Toys Crocodile Snap Mini Game is a fun matching game with a cast of unusual animal characters, like a flamingo sheriff and superhero croc.

Players must keep their eye out for the matching characters and be the first to shout out to add them to their collection. If the two crocodiles are spotted though be careful not to make a sound but instead be the first to ‘snap’ your arms together. When players have used all of their cards they are out of the game, the last player with cards is victorious.

Crocodile snap provides a fun and interactive way for children to develop their observation, memory & matching skills.  This is a travel sized game so perfect to take with you on holidays or trips for some easy entertainment.

Main features

  • Age: 3-8
  • Players: 2-4
  • Teacher tested
  • Made in Britain


  • Memory & matching skills
  • Observational skills
  • Personal & social skills


  • 32 animal cards