Ooni Premium Hardwood Oak Pellets (10kg)

Ooni Premium Hardwood Oak Pellets light easily and produce a long clean burn in your wood pellet-fuelled pizza oven or wood pellet-fired barbecue.


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Ooni Premium Hardwood Oak Pellets are the perfect natural fuel for your Ooni wood pellet-fired pizza oven or wood pellet barbecue.

They light easily, burn efficiently and because they produce minimal ash waste they produce a long clean burn.

One 10kg bag of pellets will last for 7-10 hours of continuous cooking time and just 300g of pellets should be enough to get the first pizza done.

The pellets are food safe and are intended for use in wood pellet-fuelled pizza ovens, such as the Ooni Fyra 12 and Ooni 3.


  • 10kg of Premium Hardwood 100% Oak Pellets
  • Pellet diameter: 0.6cm
  • Ash content: less than 0.7%
  • Moisture content: less than 10%
  • Calorific value: 4.8KWhr/kg


  • Bag size: H: 52cm x W: 35cm x D: 10cm

Additional information

  • Brand: Ooni
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Please store your pellets in a warm, dry place and not a garden shed. The pellets absorb moisture from the air and this will affect their performance.
  • Intended for use with wood pellet-fuelled pizza ovens such as the Fyra 12 and Ooni 3. Can also be used with wood pellet barbecues
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