Nordmann Fir Premium Pot Grown Christmas Tree


Perfect for festive indoor displays, the Nordmann Fir Premium Pot Grown Christmas Tree has soft needles that make it safe for use in homes with young children and pets.


The Nordmann Fir Premium Pot Grown Christmas Tree is a beautiful, pot grown premium Christmas tree. It’s ideal for decorating at home indoors over the festive period.

With strong branches that are great at holding heavy ornaments, the Nordmann Fir is a popular choice due to it’s rich green glossy needles. These festive trees hold their needles fantastically well, making them a great choice for placing inside the home – it’s no wonder they are a firm favourite when it comes to Christmas Trees in the UK.

This tree can be used indoors and outdoors as it is hardy enough to withstand cold and damp weather. As this tree is planted in a pot, it can be kept indoors for decorating at Christmas and then planted outdoors in the garden to grow for years to come.

These trees look spectacular when decorated with lights, tinsel and baubles. Nordmann Firs also have soft pine needles that make them a great choice for family homes with young children and pets.

Main features

  • Pot grown Christmas Tree
  • Glossy, rich green pine needles
  • Excellent shape
  • Cut Christmas tree (no roots)
  • Soft needles make it perfect for a family home
  • Sustainable
  • Outstanding quality
  • Available in various sizes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • 60cm – 80cm
  • 80cm – 100cm
  • 100cm – 125cm

Helpful tips

  • Keep your real tree outside for as long as possible as they will thrive better in the cold
  • Position trees well away from heat sources in the home
  • To replant trees outdoors after use in the home, ensure tree is watered regularly when indoors and allow it to harden off before planting
  • Pots may have holes in the bottom, remember to place on a dish or tray