NOMA Connectable LED Festoon Lights
NOMA 20 Connectable LED Festoon Lights

NOMA 20 Connectable LED Festoon Lights


A fun addition to any home or garden and sure to create the perfect relaxing ambience with multi-coloured or white shades available.

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Create a warm and welcoming glow around your home and garden with these NOMA 20 Connectable LED Festoon Lights. They’re perfect for bringing life to patios, decking, bay windows or bedrooms. You can connect up to 10 sets from 1 power source allowing up to 200 lights in one continuous line.

These lights have a lit length of 5.7m as well as a 10m lead length. With white or multi-coloured LEDs available, you can spruce up your indoor and outdoor spaces, the transformer must be inside however. They come with a built in timer function which means you can activate the lights and they’ll turn on automatically at the same time every day and turn off after 8 hours.

Wherever you choose to place them, they will create a magical display which is sure to put a smile on the faces of all those who come to your home. The cable is finished in black and is protected against whatever weather the winter months have in store. Perfect for creating eye-catching lit areas and incorporating throughout your décor.

Product details

  • Colours available: White & Multi-Coloured
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use – transformer must be inside
  • Low voltage
  • 4 LEDs in each festoon
  • Lit length: 5.7m
  • Connect up to 10 sets from just one plug
  • 10m lead cable
  • easytimer by NOMA – after activating they stay lit for 8 hours per day
  • Black cable
  • LEDs are non replaceable
  • This set operates on 31V DC 7.2W via a 230 – 240V AC safety isolating transformer