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Nicola Second Early Seed Potatoes


A Second Early Seed Potato buttery in flavour and compact in size.


Nicola Seed Potatoes are easily grown in pots and containers where space is limited.

Their small stature makes them a tasty salad potato too that can be enjoyed well after first picking with their generous crop. Nicola Seed Potatoes can be harvested between July and September and yield delicious oval shaped white potatoes. With a buttery taste, enjoy them as a chip, roasted in the oven or alternatively as a mashed potato.

  • Ideal for salads, boiling and roasting
  • British grown Seed Potatoes
  • Great for pots and containers

Planting Guide:

We recommend planting Second Early potato tubers, such as Nicola, outside from March onwards, 10cm deep and 20cm apart in a line. Leave at least 30cm between lines to allow growing space.

Prior to planting, encourage Seed Potatoes to sprout by placing them on a cool, bright windowsill for 4-6 weeks. This process is known as ‘chitting’ and will help prepare the potato tuber for going in the ground.

Once planted, ‘earth up’ the potatoes by drawing the soil up around new shoots to protect them from frost damage and prolong the growing time. Earthing up also protects developing potatoes from sunlight which causes them to turn green and poisonous. Keep potatoes well watered during warm weather.

Harvesting Guide:

When ready to harvest, cut back haulms (plant stalks) to ground level before gently lifting the plant up with a garden fork.

Carefully remove the potatoes from the plant and wash well before use in the kitchen.