MSpa Delight Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub


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Enjoy year round relaxation outdoors with a luxury Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub from the Delight range by MSpa.


The MSpa Delight Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub is a luxury square shaped spa for any outdoor setting with a level surface and is available in a 4 or 6 seat capacity.

This inflatable and portable Alpine Hot Tub comes with an anti-icing system, making it ideal for use at any time of the year.

It heats up to a balmy 40°C, includes a powerful air jet massage system and comes with a handy control unit, to help you select bubbles, heat, timing and the filter.

Including everything you need to get started, there’s a protective ground mat, a Blue Sparkle chemical starter kit, filter cartridges and a top cover lid with fastenings. The Blue Sparkle kit provides rapid dissolving water treatment for long lasting sanitisation of the spa.

Easy to set up, simply unfold the deflated spa onto the square ground mat. Follow the set up and safety instructions to inflate the Hot Tub and remember to fit the round filter cartridge onto the mounting base (the button will flash red to tell you when it needs replacing) . Once set up, you’ll be ready to fill it up to the minimum water line and begin heating.

Keep the spa covered when not in use and use the side clips to secure the top lid cover. This will keep it hot, clean and ready to use. To drain the Hot Tub, use the drain valve connector and remove the drain cap. The drain valve can be fitted to a garden hose pipe to drain away used water.

To store, make sure the Hot Tub is dry (you can use a towel or soft cloth) and follow deflation instructions provided to let the air out safely and store inside the original nylon bag provided.

So, get ready to enjoy year round spa relaxation at home with the Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub from MSpa’s Delight range.


  • 40°C Heat technology system
  • Wired controller & no need to install a control box
  • Anti-icing system (for all year round use)
  • Contemporary square shape (charcoal exterior & silver interior)
  • Powerful Air Jet massage system for bubbles
  • Energy saving timer
  • Anti-bacterial material & smart filtration
  • UV resistant lid and thermal mat for heat preservation
  • Tough & durable
  • Child safety mode
  • Easy to install with instructions
  • Manufacturer guarantee (electrics & spa pool)


  • Inflatable Hot Tub with wired controller
  • Ground mat
  • Cover lid with buckle fastening
  • Blue Sparkle chemical starter pack (500g chlorine granules, 500g pH Plus, 500g pH Minus,  500ml No Foam, 25 test strips & free measuring spoons)
  • Twin pack of filter cartridges

4 Seat specification (D-AL04)

  • 650 litres water capacity
  • 23.5 kg
  • 108 air jets
  • Heat increasing rate of 2 – 2.5°C per hour
  • Outer dimensions 1.58m x 1.58m x 0.68m
  • Inner dimensions 1.18m x 1.18m 0.68m

6 Seat specification (D-AL-06)

  • 930 litres water capacity
  • 27 kg
  • 132 air jets
  • Heat increasing rate of 1.2 – 1.8°C per hour
  • Outer dimensions 1.85m x 1.85m x 0.68m
  • Inner dimensions 1.45m x 1.45m x 0.68m

Additional info

  • Boxed with all parts & accessories included
  • Always read the manual fully before setting up

Additional information


4 Seat, 6 Seat