Mr Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix

A wholesome and nutritious complementary blend of cereals, grass, steam flaked peas, alfalfa, extrusions and pellets which supplies your guinea pig with a high in fibre meal with various textures to support their natural foraging instincts.


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Mr Johnson’s Supreme Guinea Pig Mix is a fibrous, nutritious and wholesome blend of steamed flaked peas, cereals, grass, alfalfa, pellets and extrusions- supplying your guinea pig with a tasty, healthy food in a variety of textures to aid dental wear and encourage the natural foraging instinct. Feeding the correct diet to your guinea pig is essential for maintaining good health and normal digestive function.

Guinea pig’s also require daily Vitamin C, which can be found within this Supreme Guinea Pig Mix. Mr Johnson’s small animal foods are enhanced with Verm-X , a 100% natural blend of herbs to help effectively control intestinal hygiene helping towards the overall health and wellbeing of your pet.

  • Healthy balanced food with award winning Verm-X herb blend to promote intestinal health
  • Made using only the finest ingredients
  • Balanced, tasty and nutritious complementary feed
  • Variety of textures to aid dental wear and encourage natural foraging instincts
  • 900g & 2.25kg Supreme Guinea Pig Mix feed bags

Flaked steamed peas, concentrate pellets (barley, wheatfeed, peas, limestone, soya, molasses, dicalcium phosphate, extracted sunflower, vegetable fat, binder, vitamin & mineral supplement, vitamin C), flaked barley, flaked maize, locust bean extrusions, flaked soya beans, flaked beans, wheat extrusions, dried carrot, grass, alfalfa, Verm-X herb blend, soya oil.

See Mr Johnson’s small animal food packaging for feeding guide.

This food should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Once opened place in a sealed container.

Not for human consumption. May contain nuts.

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