‘Morello’ Cherry Tree


A popular sour cherry with dark fruits ideal for cakes, pies and preserves.


‘Morello’ Cherry Tree is an excellent sour cherry producing an acidy taste.

Growing this popular acid cherry will provide a variety of culinary uses in the kitchen. Add and enjoy Morello cherries in cakes, preserves and pies.

As an alternative harvest, pick Morello a little later for a bitter-sweet taste. A late, white blossom in Spring rounds off a well known, outstanding sour cherry.

Morello is available on different rootstocks to suit a variety of gardens. The rootstock controls the rate of growth so you can choose a rootstock suitable to the area you wish to plant in. The rootstock also ensures the tree fruits earlier than when grown on its own roots.

Gisela, a Semi-Dwarf variety, is suitable for small gardens and where space is limited. This rootstock will grow to a mature height up to 2.5m (8ft) after 10 years.

Colt, a Semi-Vigorous variety, is ideal for larger gardens and where space is no issue. Colt rootstock will grow to a mature height upwards of 3.5m (11ft) after 10 years.


  • Rootstock: Gisela, Colt
  • Fruiting Season: Late
  • Pollination: Self-fertile

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Colt, Gisela