Miracle-Gro 2 in 1 Nourish & Protect Flowers, Fruit & Veg

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Miracle-Gro 2 in 1 Nourish & Protect Plant Food for Flowers, Fruit & Veg is a pesticide free solution that feeds plants while simultaneously protecting them from slugs and snails.

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Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect for Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables feeds plants with all the nutrients they need while simultaneously protecting them from slugs and snails

This dual-benefit, pesticide-free formula consists of organic plant feed as well as natural lava rocks that, when placed around each plant, prevent slugs and snails from eating the fruits and foliage.

Use from March to October. Slugs and snails are most active during warm wet weather in spring and autumn. We recommend using when planting out young plants, protecting young shoots and summer fruits such as strawberries. A second application can be made after 5 weeks if needed.

This Miracle-Gro plant food is also child, pet, wildlife and environment friendly with entirely natural and organic ingredients.

How to Use

  • Remove weeds from around plants and check for the presence of slugs under leaves, bark or stones before applying the barrier
  • Pour a circle barrier of 2cm width and 0.5-1cm height around each plant
  • Make sure the circle is closed to form a barrier


  • Size: 1kg
  • An innovative, dual-benefit product that both nourishes and protects flowers, fruit and veg
  • The natural lava rocks act as a physical protective barrier against slugs and snails
  • Especially recommended when planting young plants and young shoots
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Child, pet, wildlife and environment friendly
  • Made from 30% recycled plastic which is also recyclable