Marmalade 3 Votives Fruity Florals

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Three stylish votives featuring rhubarb & peony, bergamot & soft rose and Pomegranate & pear.

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Marmalade of London 3 Votives Fruity Florals is a trio of sweet and botanical fragrances.  pomegranate & pear, rhubarb & peony and bergamot & soft rose.  Bring the invigorating scent of fresh flowers and fruits into your home with these elegant votives.  They come in a gorgeous packaging box and would make a lovely gift or maybe just an indulgent treat for yourself.

Pomegranate & pear – Sweet pomegranate and green pear blend with sharp cranberry and apple on top of earthy woods and dry fruits to deliver a sharp fruity fragrance.

Bergamot & soft rose – A bouquet of floral notes blends with tart bergamot, rich vanilla and soft powdery musk to deliver a relaxing floral fragrance.

Rhubarb & peony – Sharp rhubarb fragrance is blended with soft vanilla and floral notes to create a sweet, refreshing scent.

Product details

  • Made in Britain
  • 100% Soy Wax
  • Cotton Wick
  • Essential Oils