'Maris Peer' Second Early Seed Potatoes (Pack of 10)
‘Maris Peer’ Second Early Seed Potatoes (Pack of 10)
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‘Maris Peer’ Second Early Seed Potatoes (Pack of 10)

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A bag of 10 ‘Maris Peer’ Second Early Seed Potatoes that will produce firm, delicious, creamy yellow fleshed tubers.

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‘Maris Peer’ Second Early Seed Potatoes are the perfect potato for boiling as their high resistance to splitting helps them to stay firm, even after boiling.

Favoured by restaurants and gardeners alike, these potatoes have firm creamy yellow flesh that retains its colour and superb flavour, but won’t disintegrate on cooking. They have good overall uniformity and show a resistance to powdery scab and skin spot. This plant also produces attractive, slightly scented purple flowers, adding some colour and joy to the vegetable garden.

Planting Guide

Before planting, we recommend helping the Seed Potatoes to sprout by placing them on a cool, bright windowsill for 4-6 weeks. This process is known as ‘chitting’ and will help to prepare the potato tuber for going in the ground.

Plant Second Early potato tubers, such as ‘Maris Peer’, from July through to September. Aim to plant 10-13cm/4-5″ deep, leaving around 20-23cm/ 8-9″ between each tuber.

These potatoes can be grown in rows in the garden, however, due to their smaller size they excel in potato bags and containers. Make sure to add ample good quality multi-purpose compost and keep them well-watered.

Once the plants reach a height of around 10-13cm, carefully draw up earth around the sides of the plant to encourage additional growths, protect them from frost damage and prolong the growing time.

Harvesting Guide

Potatoes should be ready in approximately 12 weeks, or after flowering. Harvest potatoes only as required, leaving the remainder in situ for up to a month.

For a Christmas harvest, make sure to move any containers or potato bags to a frost-free area and cover garden potatoes with a layer of insulation.


  • Contents: 10 Seed Potatoes
  • Planting period: Late June to September
  • Planting depth: 10-13cm/4-5″
  • Planting spacing: 20-23cm/8-9″
  • Position: Full sun, Partial shade
  • Soil: Fertile, Well drained
  • Hardiness: Protect tubers from frost
  • Harvesting period: Second Early, November to December
  • Plant height: Up to 60cm
  • Plant spread: Up to 45cm