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West Country Lupin ‘King Canute’


West Country Lupin ‘King Canute’ is grown at Gates Garden Centre.

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West Country Lupin ‘King Canute’ bears unusual blue and white flowers.

This West Country Lupin makes a beautiful plant with strong flower stems and produces an abundance of flowers.

Grown at Gates, this lupin will bloom mid-season and looks great in the back or middle of flower beds.


  • 3 litre recyclable pot
  • Colour: Blue & white
  • Height up to: 75cm / 2.5′
  • Suitable for beds & borders
  • Grown at Gates Garden Centre


  • Position in full sun or partial shade
  • Prefers moist & well drained soil
  • Water pot well before planting and leave to drain
  • Dig twice the size of the pot
  • Mix in compost & fertiliser to the soil
  • Remove pot & place root ball level with the soil
  • Top off with compost & fertiliser
  • Firm in well and water regularly

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  • Measurements are approximate