LIFE Outdoor Living Teak Cleaner & Colour Restorer, 1000 ml

Clean hardwood teak with LIFE Outdoor Living Teak Cleaner to remove garden grime and restore colour.


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This one litre pack of LIFE Outdoor Living Teak Cleaner is designed to clean, restore and brighten weathered teak and hardwood.

Ideal for preparing wooden teak and hardwood furniture ready for Teak Protector and Teak Shield. It is a water based, non-hazardous formula in a 100% recycled R-HDPE white plastic bottle.

LIFE garden furniture is designed for outdoor use, so it is important to maintain and clean furniture regularly to protect it. Regular use of a Teak Cleaner will help to prolong the lifetime of your teak or hardwood patio furniture.

Before using any LIFE teak maintenance products, make sure the surface is clean and dry. You can use this 1000ml bottle of LIFE Outdoor Living Teak Cleaner to remove garden grime. For any stubborn dirt use an aluminium sponge in the same direction as the grain.

British weather and time will naturally turn the Robust Teak patina to a shade of grey. This Teak Cleaner will help to revive the wood, which can then be applied with Robust Teak Protector to retain its warm brown colour. To complete looking after your teak furniture we recommend also using Teak Shield.

  • Restores and brightens weathered teak and hardwood
  • Use on teak wood to maintain small variations in colour, cracks, knots and scratches
  • Teak Cleaner will help to remove grime ready to protect it with Teak Protector and then to keep moisture out of the wood with Teak Shield
  • Always read instructions first before applying to furniture
  • Do not cover teak for long periods as it needs to breathe (covering can cause mould or mildew)
  • For stubborn grime, an aluminium sponge can be used in line with the grain
  • Don’t use detergents or pressure washers
  • For best results, use with LIFE Outdoor Living Robust Teak Protector and LIFE Outdoor Living Teak Shield which can be found in Garden Furniture Accessories
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