Lemax Bell’s Gourmet Popcorn Factory

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Bell’s Gourmet Popcorn Factory is a truly stunning model building from Lemax.


Lemax Bell’s Gourmet Popcorn Factory is a highly detailed model of a popcorn shop / factory that has moving parts, lights and music.

The huge popcorn tower on top of the building has styrofoam balls blown around inside to mimick popping corn. A large bucket of popped corn spins around on the rooftop and tins of popcorn on a conveyor belt move in and out of the building.

The model would make a great addition to any festive village scene or could even be displayed as a stand-alone feature piece.

It is made from a polyresin, porcelain blend and has approx. dimensions of 24.2cm(H) x 29.6cm(W) x 15cm(D)

The building has a volume control and power switch for all functions and is supplied complete with a 4.5v power adapter.

Originally released by Lemax in 2017 as part of the Caddington Village Collection.