Kong Airdog® Squeaker Donut Dog Toy


Spend some quality time with your four-legged friend throwing the Airdog® Squeaker Donut Dog Toy from Kong, made using soft tennis ball material that is kind to your pooch’s teeth and gums.


The Kong Airdog® Squeaker Donut Dog Toy is a squeaky donut toy made using soft tennis ball material, ideal for playing fetch and keeping pets healthy and active.

Perfect for a game of fetch in the great outdoors, this squeaky donut toy is easy for you to throw and is made using a soft material that will be less abrasive on your pooch’s teeth and gums than harder dog toys. It’s also great for a game of tug, making this toy best for letting your dog explore their natural instincts to tug, chew and chase.

The shape of this toy means that when it bounces off the ground it will erratically go in different directions, making it unpredictable and more fun for your pup to chase, while the squeaker piques your dog’s interest and entices them to play.

Available in different sizes to accommodate different breeds.

Main features

  • Donut toy with squeaker
  • Soft material is kinder on teeth and gums
  • Unpredictable bounce pattern adds to the fun
  • Squeaker keeps pups interested when playing
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • Water resistant


  • Medium: 12.1cm diameter
  • Large: 16.5cm diameter

Additional info

  • Brand: Kong
  • Range: Airdog®
  • Pets should be supervised when playing with toys
  • Remove or replace if any damage occurs