Kamado Joe Soapstone for Joe Junior

Cook food evenly using the hygienic Kamado Joe Soapstone on a Joe Junior – resistant to burns, stains & bacteria.


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The Kamado Joe Soapstone for Joe Junior is a unique barbecue cooking surface that brings a whole new level to a Joe Jr. grill.

The Soapstone is perfect for cooking fish, meat or vegetables on the Kamado Joe portable grill because it cooks food evenly throughout.

Made from Canadian non-porous rock makes it a hygienic cooking surface as it won’t hold onto any germs and can withstand extreme heat. Because it retains heat nicely, this Soapstone cooks food in a consistent and reliable manner making it a must-have BBQ accessory.

Not only is it burn, stain and bacteria-resistant, it is also easy to wipe clean (once cooled).

For added peace of mind, it is good to know that using a Soapstone helps to reduce flare ups by preventing juices dripping directly into flames.


  • Fits a Joe Jr. by Kamado Joe
  • Hygienic cooking surface for the grill
  • Cooks food to perfection and can be used for cooking fish, meat or vegetables
  • Non-porous Canadian thick rock slab can withstand extreme heat
  • Excellent at retaining heat & cooks food evenly throughout
  • Resistant to burning, stains & bacteria
  • Easy to wipe clean (once cooled)
  • Helps to reduce flare ups

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  • Brand: Kamado Joe
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