Kamado Joe Classic DoJoe

Turn your Kamado Joe grill into a pizzeria with the impressive Classic DoJoe.


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EAN: 811738023052 | MPN: KJ-DJ

The Kamado Joe Classic DoJoe transforms a Kamado Joe grill into a professional looking pizza oven.

Impress guests with pizzeria style pizza at home and you don’t need to be a chef to have a go. Prepare your base in advance and choose your favourite toppings for a satisfying and delicious pizza.

Easy to use, simply place the Classic DoJoe into either a Kamado Joe Classic or a Big Joe grill.

The Kamado Joe lid will close neatly on top leaving the perfect gap to slide pizza in and out of, just like a traditional pizza oven.

Made from durable cast-aluminium in a distinctive wedge shape, the Classic DoJoe helps to create the perfect pizza making environment and comes with a reusable Pizza Stone. It can withstand the high temperatures needed for perfectly cooked pizza with heat ranging from 200°C to 370°C.

Using a Classic DoJoe guarantees great results, helping you to enjoy the ultimate outdoor pizza experience.


  • Fits Kamado Joe Classic I, II & III
  • Transforms a BBQ into a pizzeria style oven
  • Cast aluminium ring
  • Ceramic pizza stone
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Distinctive wedge shape
  • Reaches high temperatures need for pizza: 200°C to 370°C
  • Dedicated Kamado Joe heat deflectors & Kamado Joe Pizza Stone helps get the pizza just right

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  • Brand: Kamado Joe
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