Johnsons Tuffgrass Lawn Seed

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Tuffgrass is a hardwearing lawn seed ideal for play areas and areas used by pets.


Johnsons Tuffgrass Lawn Seed is a unique lawn seed designed to create dog patch resistant lawns and be tough enough to stand up to the wear and tear of family use.

Quick to establish, Tuffgrass is perfect for gardens with children’s play areas and for areas accessible by pets. This lawn seed is excellent value for money and will resist all round family and pet use. You can use this seed for new lawns, over-seeding, as well as patching and best to sow between March until October.

With great growing conditions, young grass will appear within 7 -14 days.

Main features:

  • Johnsons Tuffgrass Lawn Seed
  • Dog patch resistant
  • Ideal for play areas
  • With Green Lawn Technology
  • Fine leaved dwarf Perennial Ryegrass
  • Good green cover and weed control
  • Hardwearing
  • Resistance to wear & tear
  • Good tolerance to drought
  • Super fast to establish
  • Resealable carton box (shake well before use)

Species & varieties included:

Fine leaved dwarf Perennial Ryegrass with Green Lawn Technology and Creeping red Fescue.

  • Maxima 1 (Festuca Rubra): 30%
  • Double (Lolium Perenne): 40%
  • Fiesta: 30%

 Dimensions(cm) & Lawn Coverage

  • 5kg : 15 x 40 x 40 (covers up to 200 sq meters )
  • 1.5kg : 20.5 x 30 x 8 (covers up to 60 sq meters )
  • 675g : 15 x  23 x 6 (covers up to 27 sq meters) – 35% extra free
  • 250g : 14.5 x 11.5 x 6 (covers up to 10 sq metres)

Additional info

  • Measurements & dimensions are approximate

Additional information


250g, 675g, 1.5kg, 5kg