Johnsons Shady Place Lawn Seed

Johnsons Shady Place Lawn Seed is a perfect lawn seed for shady conditions with good drought resistance.


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Johnsons Shady Place Lawn Seed is a great choice for more challenging areas of your garden. Suitable for areas in shade from trees, fences, walls and hedges. This top quality mix of lawn seed will tolerate dry and damp conditions, as well as sunnier spots.

Always use an appropriate seedbed fertiliser before sowing and keep the ground moist. Once established, use a lawn feed and over-seed annually as required.

For the best results sow between March and May or September and October and expect to see young grass appear within 7 -14 days.

Available in sizes covering up to 10, 20, 60 and 200 square meters.


  • Shady Place Lawn Seed
  • For damp & dry shade
  • Suitable near trees, fences, walls and hedges
  • Grows well in non-shady areas too
  • Fine appearance
  • Good Drought Tolerance
  • Fast establishment
  • Resealable carton box (shake well before use)

Species & varieties included

  • Hard Fescue
  • Slender Creeping Red Fescue
  • Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • Browntop Bent

 Lawn coverage

  • 210g carton: covers up to 10 sq.meters
  • 425g carton: covers up to 20 sq.meters
  • 1.275kg carton: covers up to 60 sq.meters
  • 4.25kg carton: covers up to 200 sq.meters
  • Measurements & dimensions are approximate
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