Johnsons Luxury lawn Lawn Seed

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For short lawns with beautifully manicured stripes, Luxury lawn is a great choice for top quality and is suitable for light use.


Johnsons Luxury lawn Lawn Seed will help you create a deluxe and premium ornate lawn and will withstand light use.

The ideal seed for growing beautiful lawn with great green colour and can be used to patch repair too.

Formerly known as Front Lawn Mix, this traditional seed mix will produce a fine leaved and dense lawn that can be mown short with stripes and includes seed boosting properties.

The combination of species used includes:

  • Chewing Fescue
  • Strong and Creeping Red Fescue
  • Browntop Bent

For great results, sow between March and October and we recommend thorough ground preparation.

First, remove debris, followed by digging and raking the soil. After two weeks, remove any weeds, then sow the Luxury lawn Lawn Seed and rake it in. Firm it down, then water and expect to see new young grass appear within seven to fourteen days. With the right conditions, your new lawn should become well established within six to eight weeks.

Available in different sizes, simply select the carton that meets your requirements:

  • 250kg carton (#JLUX250):  up to 10m
  • 500g carton (#JLUX500):  up to 20m
  • 1.5kg carton (#JLUX1.5):  up to 60m2


  • LUXURY lawn Lawn Seed
  • Contains EC fertiliser NPK 20-0-0
  • Super fine appearance for ornate lawn
  • Resistance to wear & tear: Light to moderate
  • Speed of establishment: Slow to moderate
  • Very good resistance to drought
  • Can be used in full sun or partial shade
  • Low maintenance lawn
  • Can cut short & in stripes
  • Resealable carton box (shake well before use)
  • Suitable for outdoor use

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250g, 500g, 1.5kg