Johnsons Cress Curled Seeds

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This common variety of Cress is quick and easy to grow and can be sowen indoors all year round. Ideal for salads and garnish.

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This common curled Cress has a pungent spicy flavour which is perfect for salads and garnishes.  The Johnsons Cress seeds can grow very quickly, producing crops of narrow white stemmed, green leaved shoots which mature within 2-3 weeks of sowing.

Average pack contains appromimatley 3000 seeds which can be sowed indoors all year round or in summer months outside to produce larger and hotter flavoured leaves.

Sowing instructions

  • The Cress seeds can be sown on moist compost, blotting or tissue paper.
  • If sowing using compost, do not cover. Sow thinly and cover container with paper and keep moist. For continous crops sow every 2-3 weeks.
  • Remove cover when seedings germinate and keep warm and moist. Sowing to harvet takes approximatley 14 days.
  • To harvet cut shoots with scissors when around 5cm in height.