HSK Tree Fern Feed (500ml)

Professional concentrated liquid fertiliser designed for tree ferns.


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HSK Tree Fern Feed is professional concentrated liquid fertiliser specifically designed to keep tree ferns healthy.

It will maintain and improve the health of your fern tree, whilst at the same time it will promote strong growth.

This 500ml bottle will make 100 litres of feed. Please follow dilution instructions on the bottle for the correct mix ratio of feed to water.

Essential trace and secondary elements have been added. In addition, a wetting agent has been included to help the fern absorb the feed and this feed is suitable for tree ferns and other types of ferns.

We recommend this feed solution for HSK Dicksonia Antartica tree ferns.


  • Professional liquid fertiliser for tree ferns
  • This 500ml of tree fern feed makes 100 litres liquid fertiliser
  • For vigorous foliage and root growth

Fertiliser Analysis

NPK 6:1.5:3

Gardening tips

  • Follow instructions for mix ratios & wash hands thoroughly after use
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