Hozelock Porous Soaker Hose (10m)

EAN: 5010646058667 | MPN: 6761


Allow plants to slowly receive targeted water using the Hozelock Porous Soaker Hose.

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Hozelock Porous Soaker Hose is a 10 metre hose made of recycled rubber, which lays on the ground and allows water to slowly soak out into the soil for steady, targeted watering.

The Soaker Hose is ideal for borders, flower beds and vegetable gardens, as well as any young plants that require monitored watering. Targeted watering is great for any plants that need water little and often, as well as being great for the environment as there is less water wasted.

This Soaker Hose comes with connectors for attaching multiple hoses together to water a larger area, or for connecting directly to the tap. The pack also comes with a flow controller to regulate the flow and pressure of the water.


  • Porous hose slowly waters plants
  • Perfect for flower beds and vegetable patches
  • Facilitates targets watering
  • Reduces water wastage
  • 12.5mm recycled rubber hose
  • Easily connects to other hoses or directly to the tap
  • Included connectors and flow controller
  • Compatible with Hozelock Auto Off Controller