Hozelock Multi Spray Plus Set with 6 settings

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Handheld watering and cleaning gun attachments for your hosepipe with 6 spray pattern options.

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Hozelock Multi Spray Plus Set with 6 settings is a complete set to make watering and cleaning easier, quicker and more efficient.

It has been designed with comfort and function in mind, so it is lightweight and can deliver six different spray patterns to help you tackle jobs outside, from watering plants gently, to washing a car.

Spray patterns include:

  • Cone Spray for delicate watering
  • Fan Spray for removing car soapsuds
  • Fast Fill for buckets and watering cans
  • Fine Rose for gentle watering
  • Mist for seedlings
  • Jet for powerful cleaning

The Multi Spray Plus is easy to control using the trigger to variate water flow. There is also a two stage locking trigger to set water flow to 100% or 40%.

A robust kit, which can be left outside and attached to your hosepipe all year round and is weatherproof. The fittings will ensure that water is delivered from the tap to the spray gun without leaks.

Fits most hosepipes, but works brilliantly with Hozelock products.

Main features

  • 6 spray patterns for garden tasks
  • 2 stage locking trigger: 100% flow & 40% flow
  • High quality and long lasting
  • Ergonomic handle for added comfort
  • Flow control adjusts the level of water sprayed
  • Quick connect male connector
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Set includes

  • Multi Spray Gun Plus with 6 settings
  • Standard AquaStop Connector (attaches to hose and Multi Spray Gun)
  • Threaded Outdoor Tap Connector (attaches to outdoor tap)
  • Standard hose end connector (attaches to tap connector and hose)