Hozelock Medium Car Brush Plus

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Clean small to medium-sized family cars using the adjustable Medium Car Brush Plus, with shampoo dispenser and flow control.

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The Hozelock Medium Car Brush Plus is a lightweight cleaning brush that has been specially designed for cleaning cars, motorbikes and other items outdoors.

This easy long reach head is perfect for cleaning small to medium-sized family cars, as well as motorbikes, windows and doors. The brush head can be swiveled into one of seven pre-set positions and locked for stability while cleaning.

The brush includes a dispenser at the back for liquid shampoo, and a flow control to manage the amount of water coming through. The flow can be controlled from 100% to zero, which helps to ensure no water is wasted.


  • Long reach head
  • Water flows through the handle and out through the bristles
  • Adjustable head with 7 pre-set lockable positions
  • Flow control to help with water wastage
  • Liquid shampoo dispenser
  • Shampoo can be directed through the jet or bristles for effective cleaning
  • Quick and easy Hozleock connection system
  • Easy to use
  • Instructions included
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Helpful info

  • Shampoo not included