Hozelock Flowmax 3-Way Tap Connector

With a single outdoor tap, the Flomax 3-Way Tap Connector will provide two connections for watering devices (hosepipes) plus a rotating water outlet to fill a bucket or watering can.


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Hozelock Flowmax 3-Way Tap Connector will enable you to connect two watering devices (or hose pipes) directly to one outside tap and has a third, permanently accessible outlet that rotates to allow water to be directed into a bucket or watering can.

Ideal for a busy gardener or if you have lots of jobs to do outside. Works brilliantly with automatic watering systems and controllers can be screwed directly underneath the tap.

We love the rotating outlet which will accurately dispense water to a bucket or watering can with minimum effort. And the twin outlets increase the connections available via your tap and can be independently adjusted.

The removable threaded tap connectors allow you to screw devices such as automatic watering controllers directly to the unit.

Extremely easy to use and operate, and connects to most outdoor taps. Comes supplied with 21mm (1/2″ BSP), 26.5mm (3/4″ BSP) or 33.3mm (1″ BSP) adaptors.


  • 3 outlets – for 2 watering devices + an outlet to fill a bucket or watering can
  • Rotating outlet – accurately dispenses water
  • Twin outlets – increase connections available to use
  • Easy to use with ergonomic valves
  • Connects to most outdoor taps (supplied with adaptors)
  • Suitable for outdoor use
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