Hozelock 4mm Straight Connectors (Pack of 10)

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Use 4mm Straight Connectors to join two 4mm water supply lines or extend to a 13mm supply line.

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Hozelock 4mm Straight Connectors extend 4mm micro water supply tubes to hydrate plants.

They can also be used to branch off from 13mm micro supply tube.

With this 10 pack you’ll be able to connect two pieces of 4mm supply line together, as well as extending your supply line.

Easy to use, simply pierce a hole in the supply tube using a Hozelock Hole Punch , then screw the threaded end of the connector into the 4mm tube (using the spanner on the hole punch) and click the connector into the supply tube.

Made from UV stable plastic and works brilliantly with Hozelock water system products.


  • Pack of 10
  • Extends 4mm water supply lines or a 13mm supply line
  • Branch off from 13mm micro supply tubes
  • UV stable material
  • Suitable for outdoor or greenhouse use

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