Henry Bell Suet Mealworm Bites

Treat wild birds to something tasty with Henry Bell Suet Mealworm Bites.


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Henry Bell Suet Mealworm Bites are a protein rich source of energy for wild birds.

These Suet Mealworm Bites attract all sorts of wild birds to the garden, including Robins, Dunnocks and House Sparrows.

Wild birds love the taste and texture in every Suet Mealworm Bite. These tasty treats are especially enjoyed by smaller wild birds, as they are easy to peck at and digest.

Plus, wild birds can consume every last bit, because every piece can be eaten, leaving no mess or waste behind.

Suitable for use in bird seed feeders, on ground feeders and bird tables.


  • Ideal for attracting Robins, Dunnocks & House Sparrows
  • Suitable for use on bird tables, ground feeders or in bird seed feeders
  • Nutritious & tasty with mealworms
  • No mess or waste because everything can be eaten up by wild birds
  • Easy to digest & appeals to all sizes of wild birds, from big to small
  • Supplied in widely recycled packaging


  • Cereals, Suet, Seeds, Peanut Flour, Calcium, Mealworms
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