Henry Bell No Grow Mix

No Grow Mix by Henry Bell is both the wild bird food of choice of gardeners and birds alike.


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Henry Bell No Grow Mix is a specially created blend of nutritious seeds that won’t grow in the garden.

No Grow Mix appeals to a wide range of wild birds and in particular it will attract Siskins, Greenfinches and Long Tailed Tits.

A seed mix that won’t grow is perfect for peace of mind. It means you can position your bird feed anywhere outside because it won’t grow if it spills or drops whilst wild birds are feeding.

With perfect bitesize pieces, the blend is made using six key ingredients and includes sunflower hearts, peanuts and suet pellets.

Suitable for use in bird seed feeders, on ground feeders and bird tables. This is the wild bird food of choice for any garden lover, gardener or of course, wild birds.


  • Ideal for attracting Siskins, Greenfinches & Long Tailed Tits.
  • Suitable for use on ground feeders, bird tables or in bird seed feeders
  • Nutritious quality bird seed mix that won’t grow in the garden if spilt
  • Supplied in widely recycled packaging


  • Kibbled Maize, Sunflower Chips, Cut Wheat, Pinhead Oatmeal, Peanut Granules, Suet Pellets, Soya Oil


  • Sizes: 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 12.55kg
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