Henry Bell Fat Balls

These standard Henry Bell Fat Balls are a great staple treat for most wild birds and being net-free makes them wildlife friendly too.


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Henry Bell Fat Balls are great for feeding different types of wild birds in the garden all year round.

Each 80g fat ball is a compact and round ball of goodness ready for garden birds to enjoy. In particular Great Tits, Long-Tailed Tits and Robins will love these tasty Fat Ball treats.

Fat Balls have the perfect composition and being net-free means they are safe to use around wildlife because they won’t become entangled.

Made with high quality ingredients, Fat Balls are a mix of raw ingredients like fat, seed and grain. When it comes to supporting the health and wellbeing of wild birds, Fatballs deliver. They are fibre-rich and include important vitamins, like vitamin B and E, as well as small amounts of useful unsaturated fatty acids.

These Fat Balls are suitable for use with Fat Ball feeders or can be used on bird tables.


  • High energy wild bird food
  • Wildlife-friendly because they are net-free
  • Use as a complementary feed for wild birds
  • Each Fat Ball weighs approximately 80g
  • Remove all packaging before use (widely recycled)
  • Suitable for use in a fat ball feeder or bird table


  • Cereals, Oils & Fats, Seeds, Minerals

Analytical constituents

  • Crude Protein 8.5%, Crude Fibres 9%, Crude Fat 19%, Crude Ash 9%

Allergy advice

  • This product has been made for feeding wild birds (not fit for human consumption)
  • Product may contain nuts and is packed in an environment where nuts are present


  • 6 Fat Balls
  • 25 Fat Balls
  • 50 Fat Balls in a Tub
  • 50 Fat Balls in a Refill Box
  • 160 Fat Balls in a Refill Box
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