Henry Bell Essential Squirrel Resistant Fat Ball Feeder

Deter nuisance squirrels from wild bird feed with a Henry Bell Essential Squirrel Resistant Fat Ball Feeder.


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EAN: 5026132034312 | MPN: H040069

The Henry Bell Essential Squirrel Resistant Fat Ball Feeder feeds wild birds, but at the same time deters nuisance squirrels from raiding the bird feeder.

This wild bird feeder holds any Henry Bell Fat Balls, which are encased by a protective outer cage only accessible by small wild birds. Perfect for attracting Chaffinches, Long-tailed Tits and Great Tits.

Easy to use, simply undo the cage catch and lift the lid to fill the holder with Fat Balls. This is a refillable and reusable bird feeder, but please note it does not include Fat Balls, these can be purchased separately.

Once filled, chose a safe and open location away from predators and hang from a bird feeding station or tree branch.

Both eye-catching and practical, this feeder comes with a circular base with drainage to capture any stray fat ball morsels. This also provides an area for small wild birds to perch in safety whilst feeding.


  • Fill with Henry Bell Fat Balls (not included)
  • Unique cage design prevents squirrels from being able to access wild bird feed
  • Includes a solid base to capture any stray pieces of peanuts with rain water drainage holes
  • Easy to install, keep clean, fill & refill
  • Can be used all year round
  • Part of the Henry Bell Essential range
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